PhDArts Symposium: Unfixing Images

A discussion on imagery in the flux of political action, 19 & 20 March 2015

The symposium Unfixing Images focuses on visual documents that develop within processes of political resistance. As bi-products of larger socio-political struggles these documents can be understood both as visual traces of “lived politics” and as tools that can diversify hegemonial historiographies. In this context images are understood as “variational characters”: their “meaning” is inherently unstable as it is intimately linked to the temporality of the processes that bring them forth and continually influence how they are seen.

Unfixing Images will attempt to sketch out a model within which we can situate imagery in the flux of political action.

The symposium is organized by PhDArts candidates Mikala Hyldig Dal, Riccardo Giacconi, and Andrea Sultiens and is divided into three sub-topics that reflect the research outlook of the individual candidates.

The format of Unfixing Images merges classical research and presentations with artistic interventions that reflect on images while abstaining from visuality. The symposium will be broadcast live via a pirate radio transmitter, and an edit will be made available as audio podcast online.

For reservation/Press information mail to PhDArts: info@phdarts.eu
N.B. Participation is reserved for the PhDarts candidates. Limited seats for guests are available and reservation is mandatory. Send an email to info@phdarts.eu.
More information can be found here: www.phdarts.eu
Location: Royal Academy of Art (KABK)


Keynote presentation 'On Methodology' at Symposium in Porto

On November 6th Janneke Wesseling will give a keynote presentation, entitled On Methodology, at the Symposium Conversations on Artistic Research in Porto (PRT).
This symposium is organized by the Research Group of Arts Education of the Research Institute in Arts, Design and Society, Faculty of Visual Arts, University of Porto, on 6 and 7 November 2014.


The Perfect Spectator, Dutch e-book, January 2015

The Perfect Spectator
The Experience of the Art Work and Reception Aesthetics
by Janneke Wesseling
Published by Valiz, Book and Culture Projects
Design: Sam de Groot

What happens between a spectator and an art work? How do we experience ‘meaning’ in an art work? How can the process of interpretation be understood and articulated?
To address these questions, the author explores the field of reception aesthetics, with its central premise that the contemplation of art is a matter of interaction between the art work and the observer. The research is focused on unravelling and problematising the theoretical terminology of the interaction between art work and spectator, deriving from reception aesthetics as well as from hermeneutics and phenomenology, with the aim of building a new theoretical foundation for this terminology. Additionally, different concepts of spectatorship are extensively discussed.
'I believe it is more productive to research how the art work works or signifies than what it shows or might signify. This 'how' reveals itself mainly in the performative act of experiencing the work.'
This book addresses scholars and students in the fields of art history, aesthetics and visual and cultural studies, as well as artists and art students, and all those art spectators who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the experience of art.

Dutch e-book, January 2015.
Later in 2015 available as English paperback book.


Lecture at Ice Breaking Fantasies Festival, Helsinki

On September 24, Janneke Wesseling will teach a lecture during the Ice Breaking Fantasies Festival in Helsinki, 19.9 - 27.9. This festival, which includes presentations and performances by doctoral students and a two-day symposium on artistic research, is organized by the TAhTO Doctoral Programme in Artistic Research. The TAhTO programme is run jointly by the University of the Arts, Helsinki and Aalto University. The lecture will focus on the question of the intriguing and sometimes ambivalent relationship between art work and research.


Workshop: Schrijven is Blijven, 7 juni 2014

De Vereniging van Nederlandse Kunsthistorici heeft vier ervaren schrijvende kunsthistorici uitgenodigd om een workshop te geven over verschillende aspecten van het vak. Leer alle tips and tricks voor het schrijven van tentoonstellingsteksten, kunstkritiek, tekstredactie voor een tijdschrift en publicaties online!

Datum: zaterdag 7 juni 2014
Tijdstip: 12.30-18.00 uur
Locatie: REC-M (Business School UvA), Plantage Muidergracht 12, Amsterdam
Bereikbaarheid: Amsterdam Centraal metro 51, 53, 54 en tram 21 (20 min.), Amsterdam Amstel tram 14 ( 14 min.)
Kosten: € 25,- VNK leden, € 55,- niet-leden
Aanmelding: vóór 1 juni naar secretariaat@kunsthistorici.nl, met vermelding van de volgorde van de workshops die je voorkeur hebben (je volgt twee workshops in totaal)

De workshops worden gegeven door Marie Baarspul, Janneke Wesseling, Nathalie Dufais en Liesbeth Heenk.

Voor meer informatie over het programma: www.kunsthistorici.nl


Lecture at Leiden University: The Value of Art Criticism

In the spring of 2014, the Studium Generale of Leiden University organises the lecture series ‘Art for the happy many’.
On February 18th Janneke Wesseling will give a lecture entitled ‘The Value of Art Criticism’.

Where is art criticism situated in the contemporary art climate and what is its function? The lecture will address several concrete examples of new critical art forms and visions of the future: will the artist and the artwork as we know it now still exist, and if so, how?

Tuesday 18 February 2014
19:30 h - 21:00 h
Room 011, Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden
Language: Dutch

Leiden University - Studium Generale


Lecture Janneke Wesseling at Studium Generale 'Vijf Vrouwen', HKU

Date: 13 November 2013
Place: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKU), BKV, Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, Utrecht
Time: 16.00u
The HKU Studium Generale is public and open to everyone.

In the fall of 2013 the theme of the Studium Generale lectures is 'Five Women', with lectures by Femmy Otten, Joanna van der Zanden, Andrea Stultiens, Janneke Wesseling and Miriam West. The program will continue in spring 2014 with the theme ‘Five Men'.

On 10 September 2013 Janneke Wesseling obtained her doctaral degree with a dissertation entitled ‘The Perfect Spectator. The Experience of the Artwork and the Topicality of Reception Aesthetics’.

The main theme of the dissertation is the question of interaction between spectator and artwork. What happens between a spectator and an artwork? How do we experience meaning in an artwork? How can the process of interpretation be understood and analyzed? The research aims to deepen and problematize the reception-aesthetic concepts. To gain deeper understanding of the exchange between viewer and artwork, new theoretical concepts are introduced in the dissertation. The research is based on a long-term practice as art critic and the personal experience of artworks.